the world of music: Readings in Ethnomusicology

the world of music Vol. 52(1-3) - 2010

Editor: Max Peter Baumann



Aspects of Music History: Archaeology, Iconography, and the Transcultural Interest
Arnd Adje Both: Aztec Music Culture
Gerald Groemer: The Rise of "Japanese Music"
Bonnie C. Wade: Performing the Drone in Hindustani Classical Music: What Mughal Paintings Show Us to Hear
Bruno Deschênes: The Interest of Westerners in Non-Western Music

Musical Instruments: Between Re-contextualization, Imagination, and Modernity
Karl Neuenfeldt: Good Vibrations? The "Curious" Cases of the Didjeridu in Spectacle and Therapy in Australia
Toru Seyama: The Re-contextualization of the Shakuhachi (Syakuhati) and its Music from Traditional/Classical into Modern/Popular
Paula Conlon: The Native American Flute: Convergence and Collaboration as Exemplified by R. Carlos Nakai

Musical Instruments: Beyond the Local and the Global
Rainer Polak: A Musical Instrument Travels Around the World: Jenbe Playing in Bamako, West Africa, and Beyond
Thomas Turino: The Mbira, Worldbeat, and the International Imagination
Linda Fujie: Japanese Taiko Drumming in International Performance: Converging Musical Ideas in the Search for Success on Stage

Sounding Voices: Identity, Spirituality, and Cultural Inheritance
Gregory Barz: Soundscapes of Disaffection and Spirituality in Tanzanian Kwaya Music
Laura Leante: Shaping Diasporic Sounds: Identity as Meaning in Bhangra
Dan Bendrups: Easter Island Music and the Voice of Kiko Pate: A Biographical History of Sound Recording

Inventing Traditions: Revival, Music Festivals, and Transculturalization
Timothy J. Cooley: Folk Festivals as Modern Ritual in the Polish Tatra Mountains
Max Peter Baumann: Festivals, Musical Actors, and Mental Constructs in the Process of Globalization
Owe Ronström: Revival Reconsidered

Music, Gender, and the Individual
Jonathan P. J. Stock: Towards an Ethnomusicology of the Individual, or Biographical Writing in Ethnomusicology
Regula Burckhardt-Qureshi: In Search of Begum Akthar: Patriarchy, Poetry, and Twentieth-Century Music
Beverly Diamond: Native American Contemporary Music: The Women

Ritual and Drama: Observation, Interpretation, and Reconstruction
Regine Allgayer-Kaufmann: From the Innocent to the Exploring Eye: Transcription on the Defensive
Martina Claus-Bachmann: Kuveni, or the Curse of a Women as a Flashpoint for Music-oriented (Re-)Constructions
Tiago de Oliveira Pinto: Healing Process as Musical Drama: The Ebó Ceremony in the Bahian Candomblé of Brazil

Meaning, Style, Genre, and Change
Margaret Kartomi: Meaning, Style, and Change in Gamalan and Wayang Kulit Banjar Since Their Transplantation from Hindu-Buddhist Java to South Kalimantan
Sonjah Stanley Niaah: A Common Space: Dancehall, Kwaito, and the Mapping of New World Music and Performance
Sydney Hutchinson: Becoming the Tíguera: The Female Accordionist in Dominican Merengue Típico

Listening, Hearing, and Understanding
Jean During: Hearing and Understanding in the Islamic Gnosis
Carl Gombrich: Expressions of Inexpressible Truths: Attempts at Descriptions of Mystical and Musical Experiences
Ben Brinner: Cognitive and Interpersonal Dimensions of Listening in Javanese Gamelan Performance
Christian Utz: Listening Attentatively to Cultural Fragmentation: Tradition and Composition in Works by East Asian Composers

Music, Politics, Ecology, and Democracy
Svanibor Pettan: Gypsies, Music, and Politics in the Balkan: A Case Study from Kosovo
Chan E. Park: Poetics and Politics of Korean Oral Tradition in a Cross-cultural Context
Nathan Hesselink: Taking Culture Seriously: Democratic Music and Its Transformative Potential in South Korea
Jeff Todd Titon:
Music and Sustainability: An Ecological Viewpoint



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